4 Easy Tips to a Healthier BBQ

With summer upon us we wanted to offer some guidance on how to enjoy those get-togethers and BBQs without having to worry too much about veering off course. As is often the case, a little mental preparation goes a long way. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’ll be taking part in some good old fashioned BBQs:

  1. DO eat satisfying, nutritious meals beforehand. Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking it’s better to “save up” for events where we might be tempted by more treats than usual. Unfortunately this will almost always backfire. Depriving yourself beforehand sets the stage for disaster because if you arrive hungry you are much more likely to over indulge.

  2. DO bring your own tasty dishes. We recommend things like fruit kabobs of strawberries and blueberries with Greek yogurt, which is extra festive because of its patriotic color scheme. A more savory option would be bacon wrapped asparagus - which is great on the grill! Ensuring you have at least one healthy option to snack on is much smarter than just hoping you’ll be able to make due with less wholesome options. Check out our recipes page for more delicious ideas.

  3. DON’T beat yourself up if things didn’t go quite as planned. Withstand the urge to totally give up on your goals to eat better because of a few extra beers or helpings of potato salad. Try jumping back into your healthy routine right away. like making sure to drink enough water that day and getting to be early. You’ll be back in action the next morning!

  4. DON’T waste the day thinking about all the things you “can’t” have. Fixating too much on the ways you’re limited by healthier eating will be exhausting and actually hinder your motivation. Try thinking about all the things nutritious foods will help you achieve. Whether you’re trying to fuel your body so you can finally master pull-ups or you’re aiming to be able to keep up with your grandkids- it will be much easier to stay on track by focusing on your goals and how great it will feel to reach them.