Fit Bit: Form Matters

Date: Sunday, October 8, 2017

“Shield on!” “Squeeze your butt.” “Chest out!” Our terrific trainers are exceptional in helping you move better. They know how to enhance movement quality with just a simple phrase or tap of your shoulder. Under their guidance you can truly improve during each and every rep. You might wonder if these seemingly small tweaks really matter or if we just like to nag you! Let us be clear, the details of how you move are really important! Here’s the lowdown on why we are so vigilant about your form (and why that’s such a good thing for you):

Proper form = effective exercise. Recruitment is the term we use to describe which muscles are at work during a movement. Proper form ensures proper recruitment. This is the only way to ensure that your hard work and exertion will actually benefit you! Sloppy movement often means your muscles aren’t turning on, or firing. Don’t waste your reps!

Proper form = safe exercise. Exercise can be dangerous if the wrong muscles do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Think about deadlifts - when performed well they are effective in training pretty much every muscle from your waist down, and they will blast calories to boot! But, if performed without a good hinge you can lead to gnarly back injuries. The other glorious benefit of good form is that your body will move more effectively outside of the gym as well. So you’re protected against injuries during other, normal activities throughout your day. Score!

Proper form = real progress. Cleaning up your form allows you to lift heavier weights. More challenging workouts are the key to a stronger, leaner, fitter you. You got this!