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Born in: Slidell, LA.

Nickname: The Beard of Fitness

What does T180 mean to you? It means a place where people can hear the truth about accomplishing their goals. A culture of support, fun, positivity, enthusiasm, love and self-love. Changing lives, while we change the way fitness is done. Paying it forward and changing the world! 

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts, pull ups & snatches

Exercise you love to hate: Burpees & sled pushes

What are your favorite activities when you're not at the gym? I love to live! Period! Cooking, adrenaline sports, making the most of life!

Favorite compliant food? Wet Beef Brisket with sautéed brussel sprouts, with blue cheese crumbles and bacon bits. 

Guilty pleasure? Ice cream! 

Matt has been working in the fitness industry since 2009, and has received certifications from NASM, TRX, and has a degree in Kinesiology from The University of Maryland at College Park (fear the turtle!).

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Born in: Alexandria, VA.

What does T180 mean to you? Highly educated and trained coaches working as a team to bring about real change in the level of fitness and well-being of their members.

Favorite Exercise: Deadlift & working with kettle bell-swings/cleans/snatches

Exercise you love to hate: Sled pushes!

What are your favorite activities when you’re not at the gym? Being outdoors as much as possible; camping, biking, kayaking and fishing. If I’m not outside, I’m inside binge watching sports or Netflix, reading or spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite compliant food? Pork BBQ

Guilty pleasure? Skittles




Christine was born in upstate New York and has a passion for riding horses and country living. She loves True 180 Fitness because we "made working out fun again." Her favorite exercise is knocking out some ball slams. The exercise she loves to hate? BURPEES! When she's not answering your emails, she enjoys riding her horse and cuddling with her dogs. Her favorite "compliant" food is bacon and her guilty pleasure is ice cream - milkshakes if we're being specific. If she were a bear, she would be a polar bear because she loves the ocean!