Fit Tip: The Do’s and Don’t of Increasing Immunity

Thursday, October 8, 2015

As the temperatures drop and we drift into Fall mode it can be tempting to curl up and just get cozy. It also becomes incredibly easy to catch a cold or fall under the weather. Both of these factors can get in the way of your health and fitness routine but we have strategies to help you stay on your game! We wrote about how to make the most of your fall here or you can participate in our Fall Challenge! One of the great benefits of consistent exercise is the way it protects against chronic diseases. Exercise also enhances immunity to help you fight off the flu or a common cold that can run amok in the coming months. Here are our DO’s and DONT’S for getting the most out of this boost in immunity:

DO stick with resistance training and metabolic classes. Our clients do moderate to high intensity resistance training during workouts. This type of exercise has been shown to increase white blood cell production after even one session. Whereas other types of exercise like endurance training, although beneficial or enjoyable in many ways, might actually increase the incidence of infections.

DO get down to business. The research also points to the importance of keeping sessions, especially high intensity sessions, limited to an hour in duration to get the benefit to your immune system.

DO cash in for years to come. Exercise also does a great job protecting your immune function as you age. We’ve also written in the past about many other ways resistance training increases longevity.


DON’T touch your face or eyes while training. We are vigilant about keeping all of our equipment clean and extremely well maintained. That being said, it’s still never a good idea to touch your face or eyes and mouth during your workout without washing your hands first.

DON’T skip out on recovery. Exercising too intensely or frequently without giving your body a chance to rest and recover will actually suppress your immune system. True 180 coaches are always on the lookout for signs of over training but feel free to speak up if you think you might be going overboard.

DON’T shortchange your sleep. If you are thinking that we seem to always be talking about sleep- you are right! Take this post for example, or this one. Aside from the way sleep promotes weight loss and enhances exercise performance it also plays a keep role in healthy immune function. Rest up to stay well!


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