Fit Tip: 3 Ways to Stay on Track with Water

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Water makes everything in your body work better. Although seemingly simple, hydrating properly is a big piece of the puzzle for your health and fitness goals. It’s something we’ve heard can be difficult to stay on track with.

Aside from obvious symptoms like thirst and dry mouth, there are sneakier symptoms like tiredness and headaches that can be signs of dehydration. There are other physiological disadvantages of scrimping on your water intake as well. In terms of your time inside the gym your body will really struggle to perform if you aren’t drinking enough water. Studies find that dehydration significantly decreases cardiac output and cardiac stroke volume. Meaning your heart can’t get blood where it needs to be efficiently. It’s also important to pay attention to drinking enough water during your workouts. There’s evidence that exercise induced dehydration can actually make your workout feel harder and raise your heart rate and body temperature. With summer right around the corner there’s no reason to make your workouts any hotter or sweatier than necessary! We provide all our members with a snazzy water bottle and give frequent, friendly reminders about using it.

Now that we’ve made the case for drinking enough water here are some great tips on how to make that happen:

  1. Set a goal. We encourage our clients to shoot for half their body weight in ounces each day. A good way to stick with a goal is to include a reward. For example if you track your progress everyday for a week and meet your water goal maybe you go see a movie on Sunday, treat yourself to a grocery delivery service that week or buy a new workout top etc. Focus on a reward that is small and manageable, but motivating.
  2. Put a system in place. Mark on your water bottle how much needs to be gone by a certain time. Set an alert on your phone to remind you when it’s time to refill. Keep your water bottle in plain sight. We know you are busy, so making a system that takes the responsibility off of you to remember is a big key to success.
  3. Jazz it up. If plain water isn’t appealing get creative with healthy add-ins. You can freeze fresh mint leaves and raspberries in an ice cube tray for some flair. Another nice spa-like option is cucumber slices or you could try adding a slice of lemon and some blueberries to your water. Experiment with flavor combinations until you find what you like and will actually look forward to drinking. 


Josef Brandenburg is the co-owners of True 180™ Fitness Training Systems. True 180 is a personal training company in Washington, DC. Our team specializes in weight loss for its DC members. To find out how to get started CLICK HERE!

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